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Real estate funds

Real estate funds are a highly popular long-term investment option in India, which provide healthy, stable, and strong returns to investors. If you have a traditional portfolio that comprises only stocks, real estate funds can be an effective addition to your overall portfolio. These fundsnot only help you reducevolatility, they also increaseyour returns on investment.

In the past few years, the popularity of real estate fundsas a lucrative investment option has grown in India. As an asset class, real estate funds comprisea fine balance of equity and debt investments in the Indian property market. These funds are driven largely by active management strategies such as moderate reposition, releasing properties under the fund’s purview for development, andlarge-scale redevelopment of properties.

Delinked largely from fluctuations of the stock market, real estate funds are different from REITs in this regard.The biggest benefit that investors in real estate funds enjoy is that the fund’s value does not increase or decreaseowing to volatility seen in the stock market or occurrence of events that do not have any have any link with the fundamental factors that govern the real estate sector. Thus, real estate funds not only help you diversify your investment portfolio,they also balance your investment risks, leading to long-term capital accretion.

When you invest in REITs, you risk higher volatility in terms of an asset class compared with investing in real estate funds, a less volatile asset class. Moreover, in case of a scenario where interest rates are set to rise appreciably, investors will find it difficult to invest in REITs,whichstraight away portrays real estate funds as a good option for people interested in parking their funds in the real estate sector of India.

Services of a professional expert can be highly beneficial for real estate investors. These experts will first understand your overall investment objective and monetary requirements. Next, based on your objectives they will line up the best performing real estate fund options with strong ROI track record. This is where their market experience becomes handy. They will provide you with constant updates on how your fund’s performing while guiding you at every step of your investment, helping you maximize your capital. Thus, all you need to do is to get your funds ready and invest.

Therefore, if you are interested in parking your funds in the Indian real estate sector, real estate funds can be a good option to diversify your investments and spread the risks. The best part is that a real estate fund runs each property that it invests in as a separate business unit.Thus, underperformance of one property will not affect the performance of another property.

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